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    Fisher Tapes Show in China

    September 20, 2011  Marysville Advocate by Julie Perry A trip to Beijing, China, did not net another Guinness Book of World Records entry for Bob Fisher, but it will put him in front of his largest audience next month. Fisher and wife Connie, Vermillion, were in Beijing, from Aug. 17 to 28 to film an episode on “Zheng Da Zong Yi,” a television show that airs on CCTV and features various Guinness Book of World Records entries. The show is filmed before a studio audience and will air Oct. 7 in China to an audience of 50 million. “The China trip was amazing,” Bob Fisher said. “I don’t know how…

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    Record-holder adds bonus

    "...Already the owner of the world record for most free throws made in a minute, the Centralia shooter Sunday broke the two-minute record. He made 88 free throws to break the mark of 68 held by Rick Rosser, of Alabama..."

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    Fisher Does it Again!

    "A new world record for the most free throws in two minutes was set Sunday, March 7, 2010 at Valley Height High School. Bob Fisher of Centralia, Kansas made 88 in two minutes to break the previous record of 68 which was held by Rick Rosser..."

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    Fisher Breaks Guinness Free Throw Record!

    "Congratulations to Bob Fisher who set a new Guinness World Record for most free throws in a minute at Valley Heights High School on Jan.9 , 2010, by making 50 free throws in a minute!!! The record was held by David Berstrom of Sweden with 48 in a minute..."

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