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Fisher Breaks Guinness Free Throw Record!

Jan. 18th, 2010 – Northeast Kansas Sports (

by Wade Gerstner

Congratulations to Bob Fisher who set a new Guinness World Record for most free throws in a minute at Valley Heights High School on Jan.9 , 2010, by making 50 free throws in a minute!!!  The record was held by David Berstrom of Sweden with 48 in a minute.

Watch here!

Learn more about Coach Fisher’s instructional shooting at the following website.

Read on for more insight to Coach Fisher’s accomplishments.

Testimonial from Valley Heights Girls Head Coach

“Coach Fisher contacted me about 18 months ago about shooting and hand placement on the ball.  As a young coach, I was pretty skeptical, even knowing Bob for my entire life.  We met at the gym a couple of times, really so I could gain more information about the research and methods he was experimenting with.  When I started experimenting with my own shot, I found more success than I ever had shooting the ball (and I was a better-than-decent shooter before that).  After digesting quite a lot of information, I asked Coach to work with a couple of my girls during the summer.  The results were better than what I expected, and their confidence in shooting grew tremendously.  We are a 2A school, so we don’t have 40 kids wanting to play Varsity.  This season, we have 14 girls out for basketball at Valley Heights High School.  Coach Fisher works with every one of them.  He focuses on different aspects of shooting, as well as covering the variables involved in why players miss shots.  Currently, we are shooting 10% better from the free-throw line than we did last year.  Our leading scorer, Macy Parker, is averaging over 17 points per game, but is shooting from the field @ 57.1% (that includes threes).  That’s about 15 points higher than last season.  The success stories continue throughout our roster.  Each player has experienced individual success shooting the ball, and some have eclipsed goals they set at the beginning of the season.

His methods are very different, but I’m convinced he’s one of the best in the world when it comes to shooting fundamentals.  He has developed a method that takes individual differences into account when finding correct hand-placement on the ball.  From there, you must find the point where your shot begins, and then find the exact point where it should end.  In this Point A to Point B method, there is an allowed variance of 3 tenths of an inch.  From there, muscle memory must be utilized and players have to shoot a large volume of shots to re-wire their individual circuitry.  Also figured in is the angle of trajectory or launch, as well and the speed that cooperates with that angle.

This is easy for me to put into a paragraph, but the difficulty in explaining all of this to young players is simplified by the props/examples he uses to show, not just to tell them.  Coach Fisher is a huge asset to what we do when it comes to shooting the basketball.

On the World Record:

I’m just happy he has achieved his goal.  As with any basketball player, a coach wants to challenge them to attempt to do things that may seem out of reach.  Coach Fisher has taken on this challenge in front of our team and achieved something very special in a basketball scene.

His preparation was attacked the same way a coach would prepare a team to play a game/season.  He’s used chunking to break things down, as well as aspects you talk about daily with your team.  Focus on what you are doing is something that he’s relied on to help him achieve this success.

Watching him prepare was almost unreal.  It was an eye-opener to watch someone put up 72 shots in 60 seconds, and still make a high percentage of them.  He’s extremely motivated and spends countless hours in the gym.  His accomplishment is great, but I’m sure that he will make more than 50 before the basketball season is over.  His dedication to basketball and to helping young players find success is second to none.  I’m yet to meet someone who spends the amount of time in the gym that Bob does.”

Ryan Noel
Valley Heights Girls Head Coach

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