You will never be able to fully appreciate the amount of impact you have had on me and our whole organization. We talk about you on a daily basis amongst coaches and with our players. I just wanted to say thanks again.

Jay Larranaga Boston Celtics Assistant Coach (now with LA Clippers)

My husband bought this book and the DVD and he likes it so much, he reads it out loud to me! He is a “life-long learner” and a HS coach, and he really wants to reach each player! This has helped him change his own coaching game!

Luann Mezzatesta

Simply the best book I’ve read on shooting. I’m teaching these concepts to all my players.
I’ve gone from 75% to 90% from the line.


I wish I had this book when I was a kid! I got the book to help me coach my son and after reading it I went outside to my driveway hoop and gave Bob’s method a try. I couldn’t stop giggling at how effortlessly I was swishing shot after shot.

Steven Weisman

Please read all the reviews regarding the power of this book because his centerline concept to shooting can create an elite basketball player at any age or skill level (25 world records speaks for itself). His ability to explain how physics is all that matters to shooting (i.e., not your elbows, arms, jump shot, or anything else you can think of!) is amazing in itself, but his writing ability and heart permeates through every page.

Thomas Knopp

Straight Shooter is a great book that I highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their shooting. It is easy to read and is packed full of information which can help shooters of all ages. It helped me become a World Champion Free Throw Shooter when I didn’t miss a shot during last year’s competition. This year, I’ve gotten even better having made more than 1000 in a row five times with a best of 1663! I have also made 100+ three pointers in a row 15 times with a high of 283! I can’t thank Bob Fisher enough for his fantastic book!!

James Pauley (James has made over 3000 free throws in a row)

Bob: Fantastic job – you are helping us win – helping kids succeed. Thank you for sharing your magic.

Jim Weeks Auburn Bulldogs (Auburn, NE)

Bob, I have not been disappointed! This book consumed my thoughts this last week! I have been toying around with the ideas in the book on my shot for a few days now. Once I become comfortable with them, I would like to apply them to a few guys on my team.

The "leakage" and the "funneling" concepts have had the biggest impact on my shot. I have been shooting at a pretty high level for some time now. I cannot believe how inconsistent I am in those two regards.

I always knew what my shot felt like when it "connected," when I was in the "zone" but I never really knew why. I commonly attributed it to timing between the lower and upper halves of my body. Now I know that is not entirely true! Its when I get that lower palm and middle finger on that centerline relative to the rim! ​

Kyle Bossier Assistant Men's Basketball Coach, Colorado Mesa University

There may not be a more learned student of the jump shot than Bob. In his latest book, perhaps the greatest free throw shooter of all time begins exploring the traditional shooting teachings and snowballs that information with deeper data and modern advancements. Bob’s work crescendos perfectly into his nearly-perfected teachings and philosophy.

Jake Fischer Associate Producer, Sports Illustrated

Bob does a great job of simplifying the intricate task of shooting a basketball. He has taken years of research and trial and error to develop a simplistic style that will help anyone become a better shooter.

Brad Underwood Head Men’s Basketball Coach, University of Illinois

Kids today need to understand basic fundamental skills of shooting. This book will further their success.

Bill Cartwright Retired NBA player (16 seasons)Five-time NBA Champion with the Chicago BullsNBA and international head coach

Bob Fisher has studied the art of shooting more than anyone I know. He is also one of the most accurate shooters I have ever seen. Who wouldn't want to read his book and learn his philosophy on shooting?

Jackie Stiles Scored NCAA record 3,393 points WNBA Rookie of the Year and WNBA All-StarAssistant Coach, Missouri State Lady Bears

Coach Fisher does a good job of breaking down the overall shooting technique. You can take the things he teaches and see immediate improvement in your shooting.

Bill Self Head Men’s Basketball Coach, University of Kansas

Bob Fisher is a perfect example of how world-class talent can be built with creativity, hard work, and a relentless spirit.

Daniel Coyle Author of "The Talent Code"

Your book is a WINNER! You have a talent nobody has ever had, but every basketball shooter wants.

Jeff Liles 19x Guinness World Record free throw shooter

Straight Shooter will do just that -- straighten out your shooting. By taking an easy-to-understand, physics-based approach to basketball, Fisher will improve many facets of your game. After all, it all starts in the mind -- but it will end up in the basket.

Philip Reed Co-Author of "Free Throw, 7 Steps to Success at the Free Throw Line"

Shooting is such a weird thing because coaches often just re-hash what they have heard from other coaches or have always been taught. Everything in the game is constantly changing and enhancing itself, except shooting. Why is that? Bob’s centerline method is simple and something I have never heard anyone teach. It's refreshing to see someone dive into it instead of saying square your shoulders, flick your wrist, keep your elbow in, etc., - all the dumb coach talk that goes along with shooting a basketball that has no impact on someone's shot.

Pat Schulte Men’s Basketball Video Coordinator, University of Illinois

This video is great for players of all ages.  Coach Fisher does a good job of breaking things down in way that is easy to understand and easy to learn.  This video teaches some great techniques that will help players reach their shooting potential.

Brett Ballard Head Coach of Basketball at Washburn University

People think shooting is the most fun in basketball.  They are close, but making shots is the most fun.  If you do what Bob Fisher says to do in his video Secrets of Shooting, you will make more shots, and definitely have more fun.

Gary Boren Free Throw Shooting Coach for the Dallas Mavericks

You did a great job with the video…a GREAT job!  There are not 100 coaches in America that could articulate what is on the video.  The video is a slam dunk!  It is, in my opinion, the finest shooting instruction I have viewed.

Jim Poteet Author - "The Paradox of the Free Throw" - University & International Basketball Coach

Thank you for sending the video.  I watched it with great interest.  It is clear that anybody can learn a lot of basketball by watching it.  It is excellent.  I hesitate to mention specifics but the way that you dealt with where the fingers should touch the ball during release was particularly interesting.  Again, thank you and good work.

Professor John Fontanella author of "THE PHYSICS OF BASKETBALL"

I have seen over a hundred shooting videos and your video is better than all of them.  Having a kid do the narration was smart!

Tom Amberry former Guinness World Record™ Holder(made 2,750 free throws in a row)

Barbara and I were so pleased to have Bob and Connie Fisher visit us in our home in Jacksonville Florida.  They are such a vibrant couple and so knowledgeable about free throw shooting.  The time we spent together simply went too fast.  Barbara and I wish we could have had many more hours to visit.  Bob has proven he knows how to teach free throw shooting to others not only by making an incredible 50 free throws in one minute, but by his ability to get across his philosophy of shooting.  I would recommend Bob Fisher as a shooting coach to anyone.

Ted St. Martin Guinness World Record™ Holder(made 5,221 free throws in a row)

…had a look. Very impressive.  Congratulations.

Joan N. Vickers Neuro-Motor Psychology Laboratory, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary

The Secrets of Shooting provides a nice overview of the most important elements in basketball shooting, such as hand placement on the ball, starting height of the shooting movement and where a shooter should fixate his or her gaze for a good shot.  Especially the relevance of starting height and gaze location are consistent with our scientific findings concerning the visual control of basketball shooting.  Our scientific work and the practical work by Coach Fisher complement each other nicely, providing an excellent starting point for coaches and players to improve and refine their shooting skills.

Raoul Oudejans Research Institute MOVE, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Making shots is what it is all about.  Any coach would want more shots being made by his/her players.  Coach Bob Fisher with his Secrets of Shooting video has made it easier for everyone to understand.  Having used his techniques with my students at school, I have seen improvement in their shooting success.  I would highly recommend your players watch this video and learn the proper form Coach Bob uses to coach his players.

Randy Walling Executive Director, Kansas Basketball Coaches Association

Bob wowed our kids with his shooting, but his message is the real story. As educators we preach knowledge, effort, and perseverance, but Mr. Fisher demonstrates the power of all three with his real-life example of achievement. As he says, he is just "an average guy who accomplished something extraordinary"-and that resonates with the kids.

Tony Helfrich Eureka Jr./Sr. High Assistant Principal

Bob's story is an amazing testimony of visioning, highly focused practice, hard-work and perseverance. Our students and faculty were really impressed with his world record free-throw shooting ability, and his positive message about achieving goals. Bob's style enables him to connect will all kids… our students were captivated. I really liked his five steps to success and the fact that he stressed the importance of academics. Our students were inspired by their program and are still talking about their visit to our school.

Michael J. Monaghan Assistant Principal, Seaman High School, Topeka, KS

Thank you so much for helping me with my shot. It has made the greatest impact on my basketball career. This past season I averaged 20 points per game, 13 rebounds, and 4 blocks. I had a couple of 30-point nights only because of your help and everyone who asked or mentioned anything about my shot, I made it my mission to tell about you.

Anthony Schrader Basketball Player

Coach Bob Fisher and his wife, Connie, did a nice job of presenting to the MJSH student body on how you can become really good at anything if you set your goals high and commit to them. Our school felt that we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to have someone from our area share their personal story of “how they went from slightly below average to Guinness World Record Holder”. We were impressed with Coach Fisher’s ability to demonstrate how to shoot a free-throw and simultaneously share tips with the students on how to become successful in life. Thanks for coming to Marysville High School!

Sheri Harmer Marysville High School Principal

Bob Fisher spoke to our students at Nemaha Valley Elementary & Middle School. While the students were amazed with his ability to shoot free-throws, they also were equally impressed with Bob's message. Talent isn't grown, but it is developed. It is important for children to understand they are capable of doing anything with hard work, practice, and determination. Bob's message was inspiring.

Amy Beck Nemaha Valley Elementary/Middle School Principal

Bob Fisher’s presentation to our junior high students was tremendous. He teaches lessons not just about techniques for basketball shooting but about effort and the brain. With effort and repetitiveness to perfect a skill, he was able to show that we do have an effect on the brain that can last a lifetime. In this, it gives hope for all to learn new skills not just for a sport but for all endeavors. We just have to learn the best method for our own bodies and minds and keep trying. His message is one that all learners need to hear and see.

Linda Roggenkamp Onaga Grade School Principal

Bob’s free-throw shooting ability hooked the students at Kingfisher Heritage School, a 3rd and 4th grade center, but his message on setting goals, perseverance, and determination were definitely the heart of his presentation. Setting a goal, studying to learn everything about how to achieve the goal, and putting in the work to make the goal a reality are life lessons I hope our students will refer back to again and again. He showed students how knowledge, work ethic, and perseverance can trump talent, a valuable lesson to learn. Thanks, Bob and Connie for your presentation!

Kathy Kadavy Kingfisher Heritage School Principal

Coach Fisher does a tremendous job demonstrating shooting techniques that will provide immediate results to your shooting percentage. More importantly, though, was the message he provided talking about the importance of mental preparation and training the mind for everything you do. You can't help but feel motivated after hearing him speak!

Joe Jackson Wichita East High School, Head Basketball Coach

Bob, was a guest speaker for my physical education classes.  The knowledge my students left with was phenomenal.  He broke down the art of free throw shooting so that 7th graders understood it.  I would encourage ANYONE who coaches K-12 players to listen to Bob.  Getting kids off to the correct fundamentals is a must.  Thanks again Bob for coming to my class!

John Schmidt PE Teacher & Basketball Coach

As a high school girls coach, this DVD has become a part of our learning process.  It’s easy to understand, based on scientific research, and will improve your shot in a very short period of time.  We’ve used the DVD with kids from age 10 to 17 and the results have gotten other athletes to ask about it and take it home to watch.  I’d strongly recommend this to anyone of any age who wants to make more shots.  It almost immediately improved the shooting percentage of some of our better shooters on a successful high school Varsity team.

Ryan Noel Holton High School, Head Basketball Coach

Two years ago, I saw Coach Fisher’s team put on the most amazing shooting display I’ve ever seen from a high school team. Unfortunately for me, I was watching from the opponent’s bench. My team played a great game that night.  We shot 56% from the field, and played tough defense, but they just didn’t miss!  All totaled they hit 17 threes that night, including a fourth quarter stretch where they hit 7 in a row to take the lead and win the game.  I was in shock.  My team was in shock.  It was frustrating to play what was maybe our best game of the season and still lose.  I didn’t need to see this video to know that Coach Fisher’s methods work, I’ve seen them first hand.  Now that I have seen it, you can bet that I’m going to be applying these methods to my future teams.

Nick Fuemmeler HS PE and coach at USD#487

While in junior high, I shot so poorly my coach forbid me to shoot anything but a lay-up.  Coach Fisher worked with me and explained why I was having difficulty shooting straight.  In high school, I was our leading scorer and averaged 17 points per game.  Now that I am a high school coach, I utilize the Secrets of Shooting video.  It provides excellent modeling of good shooting, and kids learn simply by watching.  I know these concepts work because they worked for me.

Luke Baxter Onaga High School, Head Basketball Coach

Coach Bob does a great job of showing players the different methods of shooting.  He shows them in a way that can have immediate impact.  After my junior high team watched the video I saw players, who previously struggled with shooting the ball straight, shoot the ball straight every time by applying the principles shown in the video.  If you want to become a great shooter, this video is a must!

Ben Scism B & B High School Head Girls Basketball Coach

I have studied shooting for 50 years.  Coach Bob Fisher is the first to teach matching your fingers to the curvature of the ball.  It is so simple but the results are amazing… it works!!!

Richard Cotton Retired High School Coach

Thanks for having this camp. My son Brandon can’t stop talking about it! He has gained much more confidence in his shooting and is excited about this years’ basketball season. I want to thank you for spending the time doing these camps as I think they are a great thing for the kids.

Kevin Anderson Frankfort Parent

Bob Fisher visited our school and astounded students and staff with his amazing free throw shooting ability. Our student body counted out in awe as he made 38 free throws in 30 seconds. His shooting technique is amazing! Along with his shooting he delivered a great message to our students about his journey to greatness from what he called just being 'average.' He offered some simple suggestions to our students on how to attain goals you have set and be successful in life. Thank you for coming to Seaman Middle School!

Janelle Henley Seaman Middle School Physical Education Teacher

We greatly enjoyed your free-throw shooting demonstration and inspirational speech! Although not all of our FFA members play basketball, we all found your message very inspirational and felt that your message was very relevant to our everyday lives. As members of the FFA, we have all been blessed with many accomplishments and yes, failures. Your message was very inspirational to us and reminded us all of how important it is that we fail the “right way” and use our failures to make us stronger. Your information on how to learn a new talent was also very helpful and very intriguing. Thank-you!

Brandi McCoy Sabetha FFA Chapter President

Coach Bob was knowledgeable and fun to work with. The boys had fun and learned a lot. Thank you for making the trip all the way to California to teach us.

Greg Fowler Santa Barbara, CA

Bob Fisher's visit to our elementary school was informative, interesting, interactive, and fun! His informal, easy-going approach created a relaxed atmosphere that encouraged audience participation; the kids were straining in their seats to be chosen as volunteers. Bob's friendly competition with our students generated enthusiasm in the crowd, and it was fun to see the entire audience cheering for those on the court. To top it all off, Bob's message for success is one that is simple enough to be remembered, and it is universal - it can be applied to many aspects of our daily lives, not just sports. I thoroughly enjoyed the program.

Virginia Powell Marshall Elementary 6th Grade Teacher

Your video impressed me in a number of ways as the best shooting instructional tool I have encountered in 55 years in this game.  I have always been a rebel – seeking my own way to do things.  The problem with teaching shooting has always been that it's over-crowded with "experts" hawking their own way as the best way.  Now your teaching tool comes into my hands vindicating what I have long held as a "truth" – that there is no one best way.  In fact, I have experimented with a variety of finger releases finding fairly equal success with any of them, but being most comfortable with the middle finger placement.  Now, of course, I'll go back out and try them all again, because of your DVD.  And I have experimented with the variety of starting positions, settling into one that feels most comfortable and less distracting from the harmony of the delivery.  Probably the only thing that is pretty much universally agreed upon is that movement of the hand during release will cause the shot to go askew.  Something we have all agreed upon in NBSA is that we've been uncertain what to teach, because of so many varied methods.  I think you have simplified this in accepting that there is no one best way, but that by showing several methods, each shooter will usually be able to find a method that has a better fit for them than other methods might.

Ronn Wyckoff National Basketball Shooting Association Secretary & Founding Member

Everyone trying to market to kids today is quick to make the claim that their products build on individual strengths… but Bob Fisher’s methods truly do.  Matching basic hand anatomy to release technique, Bob provides four options to guide kids to the sweet success of a confident toss in the bucket.  I wish every kid with an interest in basketball had the opportunity to watch this video, try the techniques, appreciate their physical differences, and find greater shooting success.

Kathy Lorkovic Fat Brain Toys

I was very impressed with your video.  I was captivated by your expertise.  I believe this video is a great way to improve anyone’s shooting ability.  I was impressed by the information and research that is provided in the video which ensures the validity of how and what makes a good shot.  As a physical education teacher, coach, and parent of young basketball players this video will be a great resource to use when teaching young players to shoot.

Stacy Coulter K-6 Physical Education Teacher USD #389