About Coach Bob Fisher

Bob Fisher believes your individual physical makeup provides you unique opportunities to customize your shot to take advantage of your strengths. Fisher teaches a physics-based methodology, which allows you to find your best shot.

Bob Fisher

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John Fontanella’s ground-breaking book, The Physics of Basketball, changed my thinking. Fontanella used physics to calculate the exact launch angle for players of different height. He used science (instead of opinions) to find his answer. I resolved to do the same.

The information I learned originated from a variety of sources. Scientific journals, books, and articles have provided valuable insight into the physics and biomechanics of shooting.

I experimented at length with different releases. This led to making the video, “SECRETS OF SHOOTING” in 2008.

January 9, 2010, I broke the Guinness World Record ™ for most free throws in one minute with 50. To date, I have set 28 Guinness World Records™ in free throw shooting.

My physics-based approach is detailed in my new book, STRAIGHT SHOOTER: A game-changing new approach to basketball shooting.

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