Record breaking basketball secrets
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21-time world record holder Coach Bob Fisher is different. Bob’s achievements did not come by imitating others. Adapting John Fontanella’s physics-based approach and incorporating K. Anders Ericsson’s deliberate practice concepts resulted in Bob creating superior mental representations in shooting.

Bob utilized these improved mental representations to break 21 Guinness World Records™ in 14 different free throw shooting categories.

No matter how dedicated the player, there is simply not enough time to work through all the nuances of shooting by ‘trial and error’. While YouTube does provide examples of excellent shooters (thank you, Stephen Curry), there is a lot of misinformation which can derail your progress and inhibit your potential.

Bob has spent the last 8 years sorting through what works and WHY it works. Continually experimenting and stretching the boundaries of possibility led him to creative insights which will fast-track your shooting development.

Bob’s physics-based approach works for everyone.

Are you ready to expand your potential and accelerate your skill-level dramatically?

Yes, I’m ready to learn the secrets