Bob Fisher’s physics-based approach works for everyone.

Are you ready to expand your potential and accelerate your skill-level dramatically?

Due to the many different shooting styles, no one has ever tried to assemble a cookbook approach which encompasses the spectrum of the skill.

Until now.

In his book STRAIGHT SHOOTER: A game-changing new approach to basketball shooting, Bob Fisher explains the various shooting styles and what they have in common. He introduces a practical physics-based approach to shooting, which provides a “true north” for players to filter what is important and what is not.

You will also learn ways to dramatically increase your shooting percentage.

This gem of a book is destined to elevate shooting percentages in the years to come. It will help you increase yours today!

Bob has utilized his physics-based approach to shooting to break 22 Guinness World Records™ in 14 different free throw shooting categories.

Most in 30 seconds (33)
Most in 1 minute (52)
Most in 2 minutes (92)
Most in 10 minutes (448)
Most in one hour (2371)
Most in 1 minute blindfolded (22)
Most in 2 minutes blindfolded (37)
Most in one minute while alternating hands (45)
Most in two minutes while alternating hands (100)
Most in one minute underhanded (28)
Most in one minute by a pair–with Jeff Liles (46)
Most in one minute with a coed pair–with Brandi Jo Roepke (44)
Most in one minute by a pair with two balls–with Jeff Liles (33)
Most in one minute while standing on one leg (49)

Have you ever learned something new which helped you perform a skill better?

Bob’s practical science-based approach will improve your shooting today!!!