Record breaking secrets anyone can learn!

Coach Bob Fisher is different. Bob’s achievements did not come by imitating others. He has developed a physics-based approach to shooting which he used to break 21 Guinness World Records™ in 14 different free throw shooting categories.

Most in 30 seconds (33)
Most in 1 minute (52)
Most in 2 minutes (92)
Most in 10 minutes (448)
Most in one hour (2371)
Most in 1 minute blindfolded (22)
Most in 2 minutes blindfolded (37)
Most in one minute while alternating hands (45)
Most in two minutes while alternating hands (88)
Most in one minute underhanded (28)
Most in one minute by a pair–with Jeff Liles (46)
Most in one minute with a coed pair–with Brandi Jo Roepke (44)
Most in one minute by a pair with two balls–with Garrett Steinlage (24)
Most in one minute while standing on one leg (49)

Bob has spent the last 10 years sorting through what works and WHY it works. Continually experimenting and stretching the boundaries of possibility led him to creative insights which will fast-track your shooting development.

Bob’s physics-based approach will be featured in a book which is coming soon. This book is called, Straight Shooter: New secrets of basketball shooting you need to know. This book is a must-have for anyone looking for the answer to better shooting.

Bob’s physics-based approach works for everyone.

Are you ready to expand your potential and accelerate your skill-level dramatically?

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