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    How to Shoot a Free Throw

    The Red Bullet Magazine by Megan Michelson See full article Bob Fisher currently holds over a dozen World Record for free throws, including most free throws in an hour (2,371) and most free throws in a minute (52). He’s not a professional basketball player. Far from it. He’s a 58-year-old soil technician who lives in Kansas and has invested thousands of hours in his quest to find the perfect shot. If you want to master the free throw, Bob is your guy. He teaches players and coaches his new physics-based approach, which customize motions for each player and promises more balls in the basket. 1 Step Up “As you step to…

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    Fisher, Roepke Break Guinness World Record

    Blue Rapids Free Press by Trinda Chase See full article On an incredibly cold Sunday afternoon, some hot shots were made at Valley Heights High School. Bob Fisher, age 57 from Centralia, and Brandi Jo Roepke, a Junior at Valley Heights High School, paired up and broke the Guinness Book of World Records for most basketball free throws in one minute by a mixed pair making 44 (out of 49) shots. The current record of 34 by Michael Anderson and Katherine Oosthuizen back on August 17th, 2013 will stand until Guinness approves the 44 made by Fisher and Roepke, which can take 4-6 weeks. For Bob, setting world records is…

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    Roepke helps Fisher capture coed record

    Marysville Advocate by Julie Perry See full article What began as lessons for Brandi Jo Roepke, Waterville, to improve as a free throw shooter turned into a world record she helped Bob Fisher, Centralia, reclaim Sunday afternoon. It was one of three Fisher had a hand in rewriting or establishing. It was exciting enough that Roepke twice attempted to break the world record for most free throws made by a female. On the 27th try, Fisher and Roepke reset the coed world record to 44. It will become official when Guinness World Records validates the submission, which could take six to eight weeks. Fisher and Dana Kramer, Wetmore, set the…

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    The Craze For Man Utd Football Shirts

    Cheap NHL hockey jerseys are a most searched word while on the search engine. The left-handed batter drove in 11 while walking on 28 occasions and striking out nine times for Dave Herbst’s club which finished in third place with an increasing of 24-20. Incorporate Marv Albert and Steve Kerr providing authentic Toronto Maple Leafs jersey wholesales play-by-play and color commentary and also the sound cannot get any better. Sport may be in existence for countless of as well as has been an essential part of the lives of several people globe the world. From the real-time degrading of the ice to movement of your players’ jerseys and this activity…

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    San Fernando Valley teen helped mom to safety in LAX shooting spree

    Los Angeles Daily News by Brenda Gazzar See full article Luke was a student of Bob Fisher’s. Even the sound of gunshots in a crowded airport couldn’t convince Robyn Love to take cover or run — certainly not when her laptop was still going through security. But her son’s love and determination did. Love, 55, a north San Fernando Valley resident and her son Luke, 15, were going through Los Angeles International’s Terminal 3 on Nov. 1 when a gunman opened fire nearby, killing TSA Officer Gerardo Hernandez and injuring several others. Looking back on the incident now, Robyn credits her son’s quick thinking and maturity for not only forcing…

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    Rough ride to Kansas for basketball player

    The Marysville Advocate by Sarah Kessinger Bob and Connie Fisher of Centralia were expecting a guest from California last Friday when they received a phone call. It was a co-worker of their guest’s mother, calling to say they’d be late because they were in Terminal C of Los Angeles International Airport where a gunman was causing chaos. A local free-throw expert, Bob Fisher is well known for making the Guinness Book of World Records for his basketball shooting prowess. He recently was contacted by the family of a young basketball player, who had seen Fisher in a shoot-off with Charles Barkley on the Jay Leno Show earlier this year. They…

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    Local free-throw shooter goes Hollywood

    The Marysville Advocate by Julie Perry Bob Fisher still spends two hours practicing free throws in the basement of his Centralia home even after he beat “Sir” Charles Barkley, the 11-time NBA All-Star player and hall of famer, on the Feb. 12 Tonight Show. That shoot-out, which Fisher won 27-10, will be “tough to top,” Fisher said. “It’s not like NBA players are lining up to risk the possibility of losing to a 55-year-old guy from Kansas. Charles is one of a kind. He did me a huge favor by competing against me and I have to admire him for that, because nobody else would have stepped up to lose…

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    Centralia deadeye shows touch on Leno – Fisher bests Barkley during Tonight Show appearance

    The Topeka Capital-Journal by Kevin Haskin There is nothing unusual about Bob Fisher stepping to the foul line. A soil conservationist for the USDA by trade, Fisher shoots free throws every day. Roughly two hours on average. The challenges vary, but on Tuesday he was attempting to make as many shots as possible in 30 seconds. He hit 27. And was disappointed. “I was off the record pace,’’ he said. He knows. He holds the world record. One of 14 Guinness has certified for Fisher. His mark of 33 in 30 seconds still stands, but there were factors why Fisher felt a bit frosty from the line. A studio audience…

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    Limelight finds Fisher

    The Marysville Advocate by Julie Perry Three years and 14 Guinness Book of World Records in free throw shooting will land Bob Fisher, Centralia, in the limelight of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Fisher and his wife Connie attended a Tonight Show taping last month and were invited back to appear as guests during Tuesday’s 10:30 p.m. show on NBC with guest Charles Barkley. “The producer loves my story of how an average small town guy became a 14-time Guinness world record holder after the age of 50,” Bob Fisher said. “The plan is that I will sit on the couch for an interview and then demo shooting free…

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    Give it a Shot

    The Leaven by Jessica Langdon CENTRALIA — Olympic athletes — from gymnasts to basketball teams — drew the world’s attention to London this summer. But the global spotlight is also illuminating the basketball courts of northeast Kansas, no less, thanks to Bob Fisher. The 54-year-old parishioner of Annunciation Church in Frankfort admits he doesn’t look like the “prototype” basketball star. And that, he believes, is what makes his journey to becoming the world’s fastest free-throw shooter so remarkable. ‘Almost all of them’ Fisher holds 14 Guinness World Records for free throws — a feat he only started working toward at age 52. Alternating with a partner. Blindfolded. Standing on one…