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Limelight finds Fisher

The Marysville Advocate by Julie Perry

Three years and 14 Guinness Book of World Records in free throw shooting will land Bob Fisher, Centralia, in the limelight of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Fisher and his wife Connie attended a Tonight Show taping last month and were invited back to appear as guests during Tuesday’s 10:30 p.m. show on NBC with guest Charles Barkley.

“The producer loves my story of how an average small town guy became a 14-time Guinness world record holder after the age of 50,” Bob Fisher said. “The plan is that I will sit on the couch for an interview and then demo shooting free throws for about 30 seconds. What makes this even better is that Charles Barkley will also be a guest that night. I can’t think of anyone better to be on the show with. From what I know of him, Charles is smart, funny and tells it like it like it is, which is my kind of guy, plus he was a great shooter, a lot better than he gets credit for.”

Fisher, 55, was featured on Inside Edition in March 2012 and appeared on a show in China with other world record holders in 2011.

“For me this is more like ice cream on top of the cake,” Fisher said. “My cousin asked, ‘What’s next? What could be bigger than this?’ and that is a valid question. The Tonight Show has such a legacy that it is just really a huge honor to be asked to be on.”

Fisher continues to practice, but has restructured his schedule to prepare for 30 seconds of shooting instead of trying to build on accuracy.

“I am practicing shooting fast in short bursts,” he said.

Fisher set two records in 2010 — most free throws made in 30 seconds (33); most in one minute (50); and most in one minute made by a pair of shooters with unlimited balls (29 with Garrett Steinlage, Seneca.) Records that fell in 2011 were most shots made underhand in one minute (28); most in one minute while standing on one leg; most made in one hour (2,371); most in one minute blindfolded (22); and most in one minute by a coed pair (32 with Dana Kramer, Wetmore). His records last year were most made in two minutes (92); most in 10 minutes (448); most in one minute using alternate hands (44); most in two minutes with alternating hands (88); most in one minute by a pair of shooters using two balls (24); and most in two minutes blindfolded (37).

The Fishers were at Topeka Seaman Middle School for a demonstration and motivational talk before 600 youths and Friday night he had a shooting demonstration at Wetmore.

“Connie and I are interested in finding a sponsor or sponsors so we can do presentations at schools or clinics with the message that knowledge plus practice plus time equal world class skill in anything,” he said.

Fisher is also working with Holton coach Ryan Noel, a former Valley Heights girls’ basketball coach, to structure a shooting clinic for the summer.

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