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Fisher Breaks Second Guinness Record

Mar. 17th, 2010 – Seneca Courier Tribune

by Clara Reinecke

Press Photo - Coach Bob FisherHe’s done it again.  Breaking the Guinness Book of World Records’ tally for most successful free throws made in one minute on January 9th wasn’t enough for Vermillion’s Bob Fisher.  Sunday he broke another record, that for most successful free throws in two minutes.

On March 7th, Fisher and his team of collaborators met again at the Valley Heights High School to attempt the second record.  “The record was 68 free throws in two minutes set by Rick Rosser,” states Fisher.  “I put up 122 shots in 120 seconds to break it.”

Being a world record breaker has found Fisher in a bit of a whirlwind of activity.  “I have recently been asked to be a founding member of a new organization which has recently been formed called the National Basketball Shooters Association (,” says Fisher.  The NBSA will sponsor free throw shooting events around the country and attempt to turn it into a sport. “The first event is planned for this summer at the Sprint Center in Kansas City.”

Bob was also visited by an AP sports writer who did an article on free throw shooting that appeared in various newspapers as well as Sports Illustrated online.

And Fisher makes it clear he has no intention of this being a stopping point.  “I applied a couple weeks ago to Guinness to attempt the most free throws in five minutes.”  He doesn’t know what the current five minute record is but is still looking down the road.  “The 10 minute record is 321.”

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