Fisher Breaks 2nd Guinness World Record at Free Throw Line

March 10, 2010 – Marysville Advocate

About two months after breaking the world record for most free throws made in a minute, Centralia’s Bob Fisher set another world record.

Twice Sunday at Valley Heights High School, Fisher broke and then bettered the world record for most free throws made in two minutes, shattering the former world record of 68 held by Rick Rosser, Alabama, who set a world mark of 72 in March 2009, but did not meet the qualifications for The Guinness Book of World Records. On Fisher’s first try Sunday, he made 85 and bettered it to 88 on his next try in front of witnesses from Seneca, Marysville, Linn and some Valley Heights and Marysville players.

Fisher, 52, said he hadn’t thought about going for the two-minute record till Ted St. Martin, Florida, encouraged him. St. Martin is the world free-throw champion and holds the record of making 5,221 charities in a row according to The Guinness Book of World Records. He is also a 90 percent free-throw shooter.  “I kept doing what I do,” Fisher said about preparing for this record.

Fisher, a soil conservation technician with Natural Resources Conservation Services, USDA, in the Seneca field office, practices four release techniques he has developed and is writing a book about to help others improve their shots from the free-throw line.  In the two months between breaking the world record for most free throws made in one minute with 50, Fisher and his wife, Connie, had flirted around with the two-minute record.  Unofficially, he made 81 that day.&nsbp; Sunday he was 85-of-129 from the line in his first attempt and 88-of-122 in his second attempt.  He is contemplating a fund-raiser to help make repairs to the Vermillion school where he will attempt to break the world record for most free throws made in five minutes as soon as Guinness Book of World Records officials let him know the mark.

After breaking the two-minute record, Fisher decided to take a stab at the one-minute record he set in July and matched it on his first and third attempts.

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