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Fisher Helps Youths in Documentary

March 31, 2011 Marysville Advocate

by Julie Perry

Nine Guinness Book of World Records has earned Bob Fisher, Centralia, recognition for his ability to shoot fast and pretty accurately from the free throw line.

He returned Sunday from another event that could draw more attention with the help of Court Crandall, a screenwriter in  Compton, Caif.

Crandall is working on a documentary called “Free Throw” he hopes to have ready by September for the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. The documentary is about the lives of eight students with a 3.0 or better grade point average who competed for a $40,000 college scholarship.

And Fisher was a part of the event, which Allen Guel, an immigtrant from Africa, won Friday.

Crandall invited Fisher to Compton High School to provide shooting instruction for the youths who were going to compete for the scholarship  money.

“I worked with the kids on Monday (March 21) and demonstrated some speed shooting and then we flew home on Tuesday,” Fisher said. “Quick trip, but it went very well. The kids were very receptive  and appreciative and simply great to work with. My part, the shooting instruction, was really insignificant compared to the opportunity the college scholarship provided. Eight kids lives will be changed because of Crandall’s project.”

Fisher said it was an honor to be asked. He spent time with the group and then worked with each individually.

“The kids were very receptive and really paid attention,” he said. “They really made the effort to get better, which always makes for an enjoyable experience from the teaching standpoint. I enjoyed the experience very much. Kids are kids. It wasn’t any different than working with kids here.”

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