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    Here’s What I Know About Book Report

    Book Report at a Glance Teachers can integrate lots of technology and online resources . Your average will be low and if you own a slew of articles written, those 3 content aren’t likely to boost your normal. All types of accounts really are a cinch on us. The Way to Write a Novel A minimum of one author needs to be designated using the asterisk since the individual. The possiblity to produce a decent first impact is stipulated by your publication report’s introduction section! The type of the book report will be always to offer an debate about the worthiness. The Best Way to Come Across the Perfect Person…

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    Fisher Breaks Second Guinness Record

    "Guinness Book of World Records’ tally for most successful free throws made in one minute on January 9th wasn’t enough for Vermillion’s Bob Fisher. Sunday he broke another record, that for most successful free throws in two minutes."

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    Record-holder adds bonus

    "...Already the owner of the world record for most free throws made in a minute, the Centralia shooter Sunday broke the two-minute record. He made 88 free throws to break the mark of 68 held by Rick Rosser, of Alabama..."

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    Fisher Does it Again!

    "A new world record for the most free throws in two minutes was set Sunday, March 7, 2010 at Valley Height High School. Bob Fisher of Centralia, Kansas made 88 in two minutes to break the previous record of 68 which was held by Rick Rosser..."

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    Centralian Angles for Record

    "One day you start thumbing through the Guinness Book of World Records and look at the marks for free throw shooting. What qualities must you possess? Calm nerves? Dead aim? Accurate stroke? Perfect form? Yes to all of the above. But research into all the mechanics is also essential, perhaps as much as practice. Bob Fisher of Centralia owns practically every book ever written about shooting. Now, he also owns the record for most free throws made in one minute..."

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